Chaos on Deponia

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V tomto dlho očakávanom pokračovaní kritikmi vysoko oceňovanej a bohato vychvaľovanej hry Deponia vstupuje hráč do druhého kola. Chaos na Deponii sa ukazuje byť ešte šialenejší ako jeho predchodca a okamžite hráča očarí.

Oficiálne odkazy:
Dátum vydania:
Mac - 6.11.2012
Linux - 14.11.2014
PlayStation 4 - 6.12.2017
Xbox One - 6.12.2017
PC (Microsoft Windows) - 6.11.2012
Nintendo Switch - 27.11.2019
Platformy: Linux, PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Vývojár: Daedalic Entertainment
Vydavateľ: Daedalic Studio West
Herné módy: Hra pre jedného hráča (Singleplayer)
Séria: Deponia
Herný engine: Visionaire
Pohľad hráča: Pohľad z boku
Alternatívne názvy: Deponia 2, Chaos auf Deponia
Príbeh hry:

Such a Chaos! Rufus' home Deponia is an enourmous, the whole planet comprising junkyard - and authorized by the Elysian Council of Elders to blast off. Only the beautiful Goal could prevent this. But Goal is stuck with Rufus at the swimming black market, the filthiest dump of Deponia. And her brain implant, where the secret codes for the return to Elysium are saved, is heavily damaged. Fortunately you can get at the swimming black market almost everything - includes a operation at the brain. But when Goals consciousness get broken into three pieces while the operation, then the chaos is complete: Rufus needs to bring back all three personality fragments to reason - all this before Goas fiancé Cletus, the Organon, the unorganzed crime or the rebel troops get their fingers on the value consciousness-datasets. Between duck bills, burning saw blades, anti-gravity socks and torpedo dolphins develops the most bizzarre romance in history of video games. Because Rufus not only needs to save the world, to thwart the plans of the Organon and to cheat himself to the top of two opposing underground organizations - he has to unbold the heart of a woman, whose consciousness is saved on three datasets. In a nutshell: The destiny of the whole world depends on Rufus' charme and his empathy. could have been much worse.

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ESRB rating TPEGI rating 12GRAC rating 15+USK rating 6
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